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was founded in 2021 to empower clients in navigating the trajectory of the planning and historic review processes for public and private sector projects. We are a federally certified Women-Owned Small Business that assists clients in proactively commemorating historic properties through designation, interpretation, preservation incentives, and sensitive design solutions. Groundwork was founded in a spirit of collaboration and generous sharing of knowledge and works to train and provide inroads for new practitioners to the field.


We are your destination for smart planning for historic resources. Groundwork provides front-end discovery, strategy, and planning consulting services to assist our clients in navigating the historic review process in California and beyond. We devise strategies to set your project up for success and anticipate the challenges and roadblocks you may encounter along the way. Groundwork helps inform important decisions like what property to buy and what project to move forward, while balancing development goals, regulatory requirements, and anticipated review processes. We are the right choice to establish good footing for your project through the trajectory of the planning, environmental, and historic review processes. 

Drawing from our rich professional network, we also coordinate, assemble, and mobilize teams of experts to provide cultural resource services required under local, state and federal regulations. Our team can complete all of the required historical resources documentation, including: identification, evaluation, interpretation, mitigation, cultural landscape documentation, Secretary of the Interior’s Standards compliance, tax credit applications, and more. 


Proactive. Strategic. Informative.



A Path to Success

Groundwork provides you with the information and tools necessary to predictably move your project through the historic review process. We provide planning and strategic consulting during the project initiation phase and assist clients at all major decision points.



Qualified Cultural Resource Consultants

Groundwork offers the full catalogue of historical resource services that may be required for your project, including documentation, evaluation, interpretation, mitigation, historic design review, tax credit applications, and more. Our expertise in cultural landscapes, preservation planning, and big picture approach sets us apart from our competitors.



Creative Rehabilitation Solutions

We can assist your team in developing sensitive design concepts for historic buildings, historic districts, and landscapes that balance project objectives with historic integrity.



 Founder & Principal

Gretchen Hilyard Boyce, is a regional expert and national leader in the field of preservation planning, historic resource documentation, and cultural landscapes. With over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, Gretchen is sought out by clients for her ability to strategize effective planning and compliance strategies that balance the values and views of multiple stakeholders while meeting complex regulatory requirements.

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