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Your Strategic Partner

We believe that historic resources have unique meaning to local communities and can be adapted to continue their life as pillars of community development and collective cultural value. Schedule a discovery session with Groundwork Planning & Preservation and let us decipher the ever-changing regulations and requirements for historic resource review and pull back the curtain of the process of adapting historic resources for you. We will help you envision the scope of your project so you can plan a path forward to achieve your project goals. We will walk you through the necessary steps to obtain approval for your dream project, while balancing the realities of regulatory requirements and anticipating review timelines and costs. You will leave the discovery session with a clear understanding of your options and a vision for how to move your project forward through the historic review process. 

Drawing from our rich professional network, we coordinate, assemble, and mobilize teams of experts to complete historic and cultural resource services that may be required under local, state and federal regulations. Our team can complete all of the required cultural resources documentation, evaluation, interpretation, mitigation, historic design review, tax incentives, and more. 



The Path to Success

Groundwork provides you with the information and tools necessary to predictably move your project forward through the historic review process. We provide project planning and strategic consulting during the project initiation phase and assist clients at major decision points including: real estate investment decisions, building their project team, project design and development, and environmental review. Groundwork will assist your team in developing a customized historic review path that balances project goals with planning regulations and requirements. 


We also assist private sector clients and public agencies in developing proactive solutions for the management of historic and cultural resources. If your project involves a potentially eligible or known historic resource, our experts in historic resource compliance can assist you in navigating the process, including identifying and evaluating the historic property, determining appropriate design options for rehabilitation and alteration that meet your project objectives, and recommending outside consultants as needed from our rich network of specialists.



Expert Guidance

Groundwork offers the full catalogue of historic resources services that may be required for your project, including documentation, evaluation, interpretation, mitigation, historic design review, tax incentives, and more. Our network of qualified cultural resource specialists prepare historic resource documentation for buildings, cultural landscapes and historic districts in support of the environmental review process under federal, state and local guidelines, including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. These services include preparation of: Historic Resource Assessments (HRA), Historic Resource Evaluations (HRE), State of California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) forms, HABS/HALS documentation, National Register of Historic Places and local landmark nominations, tax credit applications, and historic context statements and theme studies.

Our projects range in scale and complexity from individual buildings and historic districts - to regional plans and streetscapes. We also assist our clients in proactively commemorating historic properties through designation and sensitive interpretation and treatment solutions that balance project objectives with national guidelines.



Deciphering Multi-layered Places

Our specialty in cultural landscape preservation demonstrates our big-picture perspective on cultural resource management that bridges the divide between traditional built, cultural, and natural resource practices. We understand that historic properties are multi-layered and there are many versions of history worthy of commemoration. Our projects include Cultural Landscape Reports and Inventories for National Park's across the U.S, including: Joshua Tree National Park, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Pinnacles National Park, and more. 



Creative Rehabilitation Solutions

We can assist your team in developing sensitive design concepts for historic buildings, historic districts, and landscapes that balance project objectives with historic integrity. Gretchen’s past experience as a senior preservation planner in San Francisco offers a specialized perspective on how to balance project needs with historic resource regulations and requirements. As an add-on service, Groundwork partners with reputable local architects and contractors to develop schematic and conceptual designs for your project that meet historic resource objectives and project goals.

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